Technology is for People, Not Machines

For all the impressive things that Alphacam can make a CNC machine accomplish – for all its creative and productive potential – it is nothing if a human does not use it. Machines, software and technology in all their diverse applications, are nothing without the operator, the programmer and without the customer.

If you don’t use our software, or can’t use it – if you never buy it – the power that is otherwise at your fingertips goes unrealized.

And here’s the point that’s often overlooked in the software business, and many other businesses too.

The point of our business is people. They must buy our product. They must be the ones who learn how to use it – how to get real value from it. Our customers are human beings who apply the tools we provide them to solve their problems, create value and make their own customers happy. When we recognize that and facilitate their success, then we achieve success ourselves.

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